Red Onion Espressoria is expanding!

I have very exciting news from the Red Onion Restaurants family – Red Onion Espressoria will be opening a second restaurant Spring, 2012, and this one will be in Bentonville, AR! It has been a dream and prayer of ours since opening the Red Onion Cafe in 1995 to expand the Red Onion flavor to other cities in the four-state area. And now we are seeing that dream realized!

In addition to the Espressoria menu favorites and coffee espresso bar offered at our Joplin location, this new Espressoria at 14th & Walton Blvd. will also offer breakfast. We will keep you posted with more information about our menu items, hours and date of opening!

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6 thoughts on “Red Onion Espressoria is expanding!

  1. Congratulations, Dave!!! I use the NW Arkansas Airport between L.A. & Joplin often. I’m always starved when I get off the plane in AR. I transferred with AT&T to Hollywood last spring (not sure f you know that). I look forward to the dining experience in Bentonville!!!

    Ron Knisley

  2. Congrats on your opening in AR. You all are by far the best restaurant in the area. I can tell you it is the favorite of both myself and many of my friends and colleagues. You have a great place with great service and the best food! Best of success in your expansion!

  3. We are all very excited in tasting your menu! From what I’ve read and followed on the blog, every morsal sounds to be worth it’s weight in gold. Nothing quite beats quality and value when they come together. Best of luck , yum yum.

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